moment of clarity

warning: this contains truth and fiction. the lines are meant to be extremely blurred.

Monday, December 25, 2006

as usual

It's usual for you to not know what exactly to do. It's always easier to wait for that point where action is urgent,and making a decision is inevitable. But that stance just won't do this time. The fact that you have been violated, it can't be denied.

You're a rather agreeable person,a good friend. People even tend to think you're a pushover. You always told me you just like giving people a chance. Because you believe they have that innate goodness. Apparently, you were dead wrong.

Stop giving justifications for people who do not even attempt to value your friendship. Now. It's time to cut clean, let go of people who do not know what caring entails. There is no use. He hurt you. There are no excuses for that. Regardless, he cannot explain away what he did. You should not give him that chance. He blew every chance you gave him to be selfless, for once in the lifetime of your friendship.

That friendship is now dead. It has faded away, along with the bruises he dealt you. Sobriety and inebriation do not make a difference. He was a jerk and he doesn't deserve your concern. It all ends here. Now move on.

The sad truth is you never really needed him, anyway. His presence was welcome only because he was needy...and you felt good being needed. To the bitter end, his weakness and being inconsiderate prevailed. As fuckin'usual. Now that you see this clearly, here's the easy part. Lay easy, and give it a rest. Give this friendship the violent death it deserves.